Who are we? 

The concept for My Moovie was developed from talking to friends and relatives about how they captured their home video footage and how they never really watched it back. 

Many of us have hours and hours of video footage from holidays to celebrations and either view the footage rarely or not at all. With recording capabilities now available on most cameras and smart phones we are increasingly adding to a forgotten archive of wonderful memories. Our aim is to take your stored footage and create something truly memorable from it. 

We provide a high quality video editing service; we understand how much your memories mean to you and preserve them in the best way possible. MyMoovie are passionate about home video and know how important it is to document special moments within your life.

We are part of Full Circle Productions a professional video production company which means our video editing team have experience in the industry enabling us to extract the ‘best bits’ from your footage.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next My Moovie project. 

“I use My Moovie to create and produce beautiful videos from go-pro footage I record on family holidays. My Moovie transform hours of footage that I’d never get around to watching into stunning videos I can watch, share and enjoy for years to come”
— Phil Jerome, Hertfordshire